MORE Singapore food

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hehehehe... I can eat and drink plenty! Here's a collage of what I ate over the past week or so.

1. Night out with Mauzzie and the boys at Wala Wala where I ate my fill of chicken wings, stuffed Jalapenos and pizza.

2. Hainanese Curry Rice with pork chops and Cabbage from Telok Blangah Blk 50 something. It's my fav and is super duper good....

3. Ya Kun Kaya toast, half-boiled eggs and a cuppa local coffee . This was my lunch cum tea.

4. Tapas at a Spanish restaurant located in Clarke Quay. The Paella was a tad salty but still yummy.

5. Canapes at the Nescafe press conference held at the Conrad Hotel

6. Dinner at Tiong Bahru Market where I ate my fill of Chwee kuay ( can anyone in China make this??? I will be your loyal supporter!) and Char kway teow. Ooo I shared an ice Kachang with my sis after that . Man, can I eat!

This was her own plate. I had another!

Painted table - update

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I added some final touches this morning before varnishing

Wannabe artist/ ceiling painter

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Our flat in Singapore was rented out to a family with kids and the unfortunate thing is that kids tend to like drawing on stuff, be it walls, furniture, cushions... we had a cheap side table from ikea which was thus destroyed. I won't even mention the other stuff. This was a cheap untreated pine wood table which I may have gotten for free from ikea.

Since I haven't got anything to do, I decided to paint the table top to hide the childish scrawls. Here it is, my first and only attempt to paint a landscape. This is a view from Santorini, Greece which I vaguely recall. White washed buildings, blue sky and an even bluer sea. It was beautiful. I'm not particularly good at art and I only had 2 colors of paint - blue and white- so the fact this turned out well has made me quite pleased with my DIY efforts. I wonder what else I can paint while hanging out in the corridor waiting for the workmen to retile my toilets....oooo... maybe I can repaint the ceiling myself!! Hmm.. i could even be the next Michaelangelo. Ha ha likely in my dreams!

HDB upgrading of our flat

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's been 2 horribly dusty, dirty days... I covered all our stuff with plastic sheets but everything's managed to accumulate a thick layer of dust even under the covers. I foresee an uphill cleaning task.

The Before

Toilet before... real old

Living room with furniture moved... before the mess

Rooms before the mess

The during...

The workmen covered the floor to avoid chipping the tiles... but there's no protection against dust.

The super dusty and dirty bedroom...

One of the toilets now. After 2 full days of hacking.

A glimpse of Lewis Hamilton - Photos!

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Mag and Sheldon...

I didn't get to pose with the real man... only got the Standee

Mag's Jacket

With a journalist from Today

Autograph for Nescafe prize winners

With another Journo from TNP I think

With the Nestle Marketing team

A glimpse of Lewis Hamilton

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That's the McLaren F1 driver. I gatecrashed a Nescafe press conference on Thursday to catch a glimpse of the man in person. ( A big thank you to the folks at Nestle who let me in!!) Honestly, 3 weeks ago, I had no clue who Lewis Hamilton was. I just kept seeing his face on ads around Singapore. It was till someone told me he's a new hot fav in the F1 circuit that I actually thought... hmm, why not take a look. And of course, it's great to ATTEND a press conference instead of having to work at one!

Pix coming soon... after I figure out how to use my sis' laptop which rejects my SD card, bluetooth devise etc... and her broadband connection which denies my laptop access... Annoying!

For the sake of beauty...I burnt my face

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So I went to this derma to check out the little patch on my left cheek. Turns out its a sunspot/ melasma that's turned into a lesion. (That's what I get for being in the sun without sunblock! )Fastest way to rid it is through burning. Yes burning the skin. And that's what I did. It's a treatment termed Sagitron where an electric current is used to burn the problem area, allowing new skin to form. The most painful part of this treatment was the anaesthetic injection onto my cheek. Yes. The docter jabbed my cheek with a needle.

The whole time I was going "ow ow ow ow ow" But seriously, it's not as bad removing a wisdom tooth... Sigh... the things we do for beauty.

After the skin is numbed, the doc started to burn my skin... smelled like a BBQ party. I swear, I'm not going for any bbqs for a while. Not while the memory of the scent of burning skin is still fresh. Yuck. Once done, it's a bit of antiseptic, cream and off I went. I've been instructed to stay out of the sun. Dammit... I like feeling the sun on my face.

For 1 week I'm going to look terrible. I understand that a scab will form soon. It's been 2 days since the burn and no scab yet. Still quite raw so I guess I'll be ugly duckling for a few days more.
See the red patch on my cheek? That's the burn area. Pain!

my new Adidas trainers

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Usually buy New Balance and not Adis but I fell in love with the grey and pink and absolutely had to get them...walked the whole queensway shopping mall to find it in my size. On sale too for SG$87. Can't wait to go for a jog in them!

Family portraits

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Yasi ( my sis) had her graduation ceremony some weeks back and in typical Lim family style, we had to have a family portrait taken with all the "uniforms". So 8 years after my own graduation, I once again had to don the gown for my sister ( well more for my parents really... ) Poor Weiming had to look for a formal police uniform and the suit he finally got hold of had pants that were too short for him! Thankfully, our legs weren't part of the photo!

Sky high quote

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Monday, September 15, 2008

I received the first quote from a contractor yesterday for our home reno and nearly had a fit! It was SGD$32,000!!! That's to hack away the existing tiles and wall, replace tiles around the house, replacing doors, replacing the kitchen cabinets, building in a wardrobe and storage shelves...

That's waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much. We have to replace the furniture too thanks to our tenants who ruined my sofa, dining set, shoe cabinet and washing machine. Ah! And they took my electric kettle, iron, ironing board and high stool. I can't find eaither of these items in my house. piss me off!!!!

Eating in Singapore

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

So there I was today walking from our house to the bus interchange ( it's a 15min walk) thinking, "I've eaten so much in the past few days. Should skip lunch" But then... I reached the Bukit Merah Hawker centre and succumbed to temptation to eat a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice and ice cold glass of sugar cane juice. I was hot and parched so the juice tasted like nectar. All that walking also made me real hungry, hence the rice.

Then it occurred to me what was the other thing I missed about home! It's not just the food, it's the easy accessibility to delicious glorious food 24/7. Seriously! I was trudging from Little India to Jalan Besar to look for a shop selling hobs. And at every 10 paces, I swear there was a coffee shop/ hawker centre/ Indian restaurant ( afterall, we're in Little India) . We're not talking about main roads. I was walking along little lanes and HDB carparks and when I got hungry, lo & behold! there's a little coffeeshop in a corner selling Hokkien Prawn Noodle. I could smell the pork lard frying from a distance.

It's amazing there are still so many skinny Singaporeans.

you are a glut when...

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...When you eat 2 Tung Lok mini mooncakes, followed closely by a cup of Maggi Mashed Potato, then 30mins later, a lunch of shrimp wanton noodle ( Shui jiao mian), fried carrot cake, oyster omelette and famous Bedok Cheng teng. Er... of course, I shared the lunch with other people. After that, I was so stuffed, I had to walk around Changi Business Park to lessen the guilt ( and to look at kitchen sinks lah!)

I soooooooo have to go for a run tomorrow.

Good food good life

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Caught up with my ex-colleagues at Nestle today. Meeting old kakis, old bosses was a really quite nice after 2 years. It made me miss the fun days I had at Nestle where the marketing team was really a TEAM. We not only worked together, we played together. I think back nostalgically of the times we stayed back late just to decorate our work areas to reflect the festive seasons, or to "welcome" people back from their annual leave. It created a pretty tight bond between co-workers and it helped that we were all around the same age, same "pattern" as we like to call it in Singapore.

My favourite memory of our decorating session was the night we decided to plaster a colleague's office room with blank lottery tickets ( she's a lottery fanatic) . even the ceiling was plastered! That was truly hilarious!

Another was the time we pooled cash and bought materials for X'mas DIY decor. It started a trend! Our Christmas-y area inspired the sales team to put up their own stuff and created some friendly rivalry between the departments. Of course, with bigger budgets, they managed to get a lot more stuff but I like to think we had more creativity - stretching our budgets and doing loads of DIY.

While sight-seeing in the new office today, I realised that there were so many new faces and the atmosphere felt different. Nothing wrong with different. Just not the same as I remember it. And we all know... memory sometimes erves us false. Things always seem better when you look back on them...

which sink looks better

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Monday, September 8, 2008

I've seen loads of sinks and I shortlisted 3 potential candidates. Trying to decide which is better.. i mean more practical and easy to maintain - porcelain or artificial granite material?

Porcelain option 1

Porcelain option 2

Artificial granite

Decisions, decisions...

Roti prata supper

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Friday, September 5, 2008

I just came home from drinks and supper. And I'm most pleased to say that I've finally had one of my fav foods - roti prata! Sad isn't it? But there's nothing like a piping hot roti prata with curry accompanied by Milo Dino/ bandung - the most sinful yet perfect way to end a night out with friends!