So darn tired part II

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So I'm still sitting in the office right now. Waiting for the idiotic designer to revert on some designs. I gave them 2 days but they gave me crap. I ended up having to tell them step by step what to design. Honestly I know nothing about design. I even failed art at school. But the stuff they gave me was abysmal. How the hell am I suppose to send it to the client?? I was suppose to send it 6 hrs ago.

I'm seriously pissed. Just angry at everything and anything. I wonder what's my limit this time...

So darn tired

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Idiots downstairs are renovating a shop and they started at freaking 7.50am on Sat AND Sun. Pissed me off. I called estate management to put a stop to it. Which happened for like 10mins and I bet the security guard walked away and they started again. Which part of NO RENOVATION WORKS ON WEEKENDS do they not understand????!!!  It's been going on since last week!! 

I didn't want to get out of bed to go scream at the numbskulls downstairs. Ended up calling estate management 3 times between 7.50- about 9am. Telling them for god's sake to use their brains! I've already told them since last week these idiots were starting work far too early. Instead of waiting till 7.50am the next day for me to call and yell at someone, they should take some initiative to station someone there to stop them from starting till 9am or not at all on weekends! 

The last guy who picked up my irate call seemed to have got the point because they only started drilling at 9am today. But it's too little too late - my weekend was ruined and I'm darn tired today.

One sided conversations at night

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Most weekday nights, after 9pm, I don't get to see Dan. Well, I see him - he sits just 5metres from me. But his attention is wholly focused on World of Warcraft. That's why I try to rush home before 8.30pm each night, no matter how much work I have. Before 9pm is the only time I get to spend with Dan :).

I get to hear Daniel though. He talks to his friends online. More like yells instructions. For the past few years, I've been hearing him say "DPS the guy!!!", "Heal me! Heal me!". It's amazing I don't sleep talk and repeat these words! 

With his headset on, he probably can't hear himself. Accounts for why he's been getting louder and sounding so much bossier. Each time he raises his volume, I up the TV's volume. But at some point it seems ridiculous so I'm forced to tell him to pipe down. Unfortunately, it's usually a one sided conversation that goes like this:

Me: Dear, you don't have to yell
Dan (loudly): Shiro, DI someone! 
Me: Dear, I'm sure they can hear you. You have a mic.
Dan (louder): Come on guys! Focus! 
Me (slightly louder): You're louder than the TV. I can't watch CSI like that.
Dan ( super loud): DPS the guy! Heal me! Heal me! 
Me (resignedly): I guess you can't hear me. I guess I'll have to lip read...

I guess I'm used to it after so long. This happens every weekday night and almost every weekend afternoon. Hmm.. it never occurred to me to ask what "DPS" means but I don't think I really want to know...

Having a pet..

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 very therapeutic. It's a great responsibility too. Pretty much like looking after a small child except that this one will likely depend on you for the rest of its short life.  Whether it's food in a bowl, fresh water, clearing poop, trips to the vet - a domesticated pet is relies on you to keep it healthy and safe. More than that, a pet also depends on you for love and attention. In return, they devote themselves to you. That devotion manifests itself differently in different pets. Dogs lick you, cats purr when you rub them, rabbits hop excitedly to you, birds sing...How ever this devotion is demonstrated, its sure to give you that tingle of pleasure, knowing that someone ; or in this case some other creature; loves you too.  

That's why I think having a pet is good for modern city dwellers who constantly stress about work, money, life. A pet helps you stop and remember to enjoy the little things in life.  And that makes you a happier person. My 2 cats have certainly helped me enjoy mine a little better. 

While your pet lavishes you with love, don't forget to reciprocate. A pet is not a toy you can play with  for a while then chuck in the cupboard.  They need company and loads of loving attention too! 

Fine dining beside the forbidden city

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Went for dinner at Domus over the weekend. We were inspired to try out one of City Weekend's Gourmet month menus ( City weekend is like a Timeout. Provides clueless expats information on where to eat, party and shop) The promotional menu was going for 250RMB each. Though its a lot to spend for a meal, Dan and I figured the set was a better deal than trying a la carte dishes. So off we went with some friends.

Apparently Domus means 'home' in Latin. I can't exactly say this looked like any home I've been to! Located beside the forbidden city, in an old courtyard house ( siheyuan), this restaurant is awash with Italian furniture in deep dark hues, interesting grey brick walls and beautiful chandelier lamps.  I give the place 2 thumbs up for its gorgeous decor! 
I had the 250rmb gourmet month menu with consisted 

  • Amuse bouche (a very quaint serving of asparagus soup in a tiny cup and a cracker topped with slivers of red and yellow peppers)
  • Beef Tartar French style, Frites and Salad ( essentially marinated raw beef with 1 raw egg on top. Yummy! )
  • Butternut Cream Soup Roasted Chestnuts in Salted Butter and Black Truffle Emulsion  (The soup was creamy and smooth. Chestnuts added a bit of texture to the dish) 
  • Pigeon Roasted in Tobacco Leave, Green Pea Infused with Bacon, Carrot Puree, Pigeon Jus ( The pigeon was a tad bit raw for my liking )
  • Chocolate mousse journey, violet flower white, nougat milk and orange blossom ( This was one impressive looking dessert and there was so much of it to eat! The orange blossom added a delicate bouquet to the chocolate mousse) 

I enjoyed the beef tartar immensely but didn't quite enjoy my main course. The other person having the same menu ordered Salmon as her main course. I wonder how that was...The dessert was yummy and I think I may have enjoyed it more if there was 1 less course in my meal, mainly because the mousse was very heavy.  

Dan and our other dinner friends had another set menu for 288RMB consisting:

  • Amuse bouche
  • French onion soup  ( this looked yummy and didn't have too much cheese on top)
  • Pear, walnut and goats cheese salad ( Dan liked the salad. Said the cheese was good) 
  • Duck confit ( Everyone at the table agreed this was far too salty. So I guess they didn't enjoy it that much)
  • lemon tart deconstructed ( Essentially ll the elements of lemon tart made into un-tart-like serving. This was a very refreshing dessert with lemon cream, lemon sorbet and lemon meringue - a perfect end note to a heavy dinner) 

We also ordered 2 bottles of Penfolds' red wine to be shared between 5 people. Our tab came up to approximately 500rmb per person which is quite a kingly sum for a regular dinner outing. So what's my final verdict? Worth a look see if you're feeling flush. The starters and desserts were fabulous. But the main dishes could do with a little improvement. I would go back if there's a promo. Otherwise, it's simply too expensive.


115 Nan Chi Zi Street, Tian'anmen located across from Tiandi Yijia 北京东城区南池子大街115 号 天地一家正对面

Tel: 8511-8015

Patience is a virtue

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

That's what I keep reminding myself at work. Just 1.5 mths back to work and someone mentioned on Friday how irritable I've become. I don't shout or lose my temper. That's just not professional. But apparently, I get get rather "bitchy" and impatient about everything - the heat, the client, the translator and even to innocent bystanders like poor Dan. 

I'm making a conscious effort not to be mean. So bear with me if I snap at the most inconsequential things or appear to be in a world of my own. My mind's rather pre-occupied with meeting deadlines , even on weekends. It's awful. 

I have a hate- love relationship with work. I put hate first because that's how it often feels  these days. Love... well.. I get brain stimulation,  a degree of satisfaction and a weird sort of social support in a country where I have few friends. 

For the past 2 years, I've wondered how other people working in PR feel, people in other agencies, covering different industries. It appears that many of my colleagues are afflicted by some sort of gastro-intestinal problem, exhaustion, menstrual problem or in my case, occasion heart palpitations and black spots.  Has there been any study of what medical problems afflict people in different industries?  I read addy's blog  about how "working with idiots can kill you". I'm beginning to think it's true, especially in client servicing positions where you deal with all sorts of people.

Funny tomato!

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We were prepping tomatoes for lunch when we came across this funny looking one. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  :P


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

hmm.. it seems we got a warning letter posted on our door this evening, telling us to remove the satellite... OR ELSE...

This makes me smile when I get annoyed at work

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Monday, April 13, 2009

I was annoyed today at work. It was trivial, but it irritated me nonetheless. Whenever I get annoyed at work I always recall this Dilbert comic that I saw years ago.  Last frame never fails to cheer me up. 

I only wish there was a Dogbert to help me perform this "exorcism" in real life.  

Spirited away to Spice Spirit

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some time last year, a local friend, knowing how much I love spicy food, took me  to eat at Spice Spirit. One taste and I was hooked. The creative Sichuan food was tongue-numbingly spicy and I loved it! 

6 mths later, I got a chance to take Daniel there. He was initially skeptical - what could be so great about a chain store serving Mala food? 

Well, it was certainly good enough for him to take his friends back there for a meal :) At our meal, we had Mala spicy prawns, Sour spicy mushrooms, Vinegared tapioca flour noodles and a non-spicy veggie soup. Ah, we also ordered a jug of  sour plum drink. This sumptuous spread cost us less than 200RMB. 

We ordered everything at mid-level spiciness which was alright for me. Poor Daniel however, was dripping sweat 5 mins into the meal because of the spice. At that point, we determined that Spice Spirit's a a great place to dine on a cold winter's day. 100% guaranteed to warm you up! 

Not only was the food good, the restaurant was also very tastefully decorated. It seems like a standard look across the chain of restaurants. We were eating at the Shuangjing outlet, located within Viva Mall. Spice Spirit is also found at The Village.  Check out this website for more locations

Brunch@ W dine & Wine

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tried out W Dine& Wine's egg brunch yesterday. It was yummy especially if you love eggs. For 58 RMB ( about SG$13) , you get a coquette ( a little cast iron pot) filled with 2 eggs and fillings of your choice, and separate servings of hash browns, baked beans and pan fried tomatoes.  A cup of fresh juice is also includes in the price.  I thought it was a very good deal.
I had half cooked eggs with bacon and Ratatouille Nicoise while Daniel had eggs with duck liver and raisins.  Both were lip-smackingly good! 

22-1 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Dongzhimen opposite Canadian Embassy 

东直门外大街22-1号 加拿大大使馆对面  Tel:6416-9838

Lijiang Pork rib hotpot @ San Die Shui

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dan & I checked out a new place last weekend called San Die Shui Lijiang Waxed Pork Rib Hotpot 三叠水丽江腊排骨火锅.  It's located in a little hutong along  Gu Lou Da Jie, not far from Nanluoguxiang. 

We had the hotpot of course. 78rmb gives you a fair amount of ribs, tomatoes, celery and potato. You also get a small bowl of spicy dip made of fermented tofu, chilli flakes, black sesame and coriander.   The ribs are a tad tough but definitely tasty, being preserved and all. The soup base started out real salty - i guess from the ribs - but after restaurant staff added more stock, it tasted absolutely heavenly. It was a mix of salty, sweet & sour ( thanks to the massive number of fresh tomatoes).
Also had their Luoguo fan 锣锅饭  (18 rmb); sticky rice steamed in a bronze pot with lightly fried potatoes. The rice was lightly salted which made it quite addictive to eat. To wash down the food, we ordered the homemade rice wine, which had a lovely sweet after taste. 
Though we only ordered 2 dishes, we could hardly finish the food. We should have stuck to having just the hotpot but I was hungry! 

In terms of decor, this place is as simple as it gets. It's a typical small chinese eatery that's gotten a lighting upgrade, a new coat of paint,  simple wooden chairs and a hotpot table. It's more suited for a simple meals with close family and friends. 

Address: 鼓楼东大街东公街 25号 ( 交道口西边第一个胡同) 
Tel: 6404 1190