Off to Guangzhou... again

Posted by Gingerblossom at 8:06 AM

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Off to GZ tomorrow for a day's meeting. Hopefully this time I get to eat a proper meal. I still can't get over  my first impressions. 

On the bright side, we get to stay at a nice hotel! 

the joy in little things

Posted by Gingerblossom at 7:59 AM

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 everyday things that bring me joy:

1. a hug and a kiss from Dan in the morning and when i get home
2. cats greeting me at the door 
3. a good home cooked meal
4. Satellite TV - my best friends are AXN & Starworld
5. a steaming cup of coffee in the morning
6. waking up with a purring cat at my feet
7. a hot bath
8. air conditioning
9. good night kisses all around
10. falling asleep quickly