Other small things I bought in NYC

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Erm.. like coach bags and shoes from Woodbury Common.
Before you judge and say "Wah!! Spend so much ??", each bag costs only slightly over US$100. A steal for a leather bag. The big green one costs slightly more given its size. It's big enough to fit my laptop, my huge wallet, a wrap, mobile phone, ipod, mints, keys ...

The shoes at Nine West were on sale and these 2 pairs each cost less than a pair of Charles and Keith shoes.

I also got facial moisturizers, hand creams etc etc from shops in the city - basically stuff that Dan & I use everyday - at great prices.

How to get to Woodbury Common:
- Take subway to Port Authority Bus Terminal ( it should be the red line)
- Go to the Bus Terminal and look for the Shortline Bus ticketing booth
- Bus ticket costs US$42 and takes you to the door step. It also comes with several additional discount coupons and a redemption coupon at Woodbury Common for a booklet of discount coupons to use at almost all stores.
- Bus trip takes 1 hr each way
- Best to catch the 9.30am bus which really really leaves on time!

One thing I did not buy on sale

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Everything in the US is on sale!! And everything at Woodbury Common Outlet mall is ridiculously cheap... all 220 stores!! I'll post about Woodbury later.

First, the one thing I did not buy on sale is....
See that grin?

Viola! Tiffany... and american tradition :P

To be fair, Danny said he'll get it for me but since I wanted it, I'm going to pay for it myself!

I *heart* eating in New York

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

There was such a buzz to the city! People on the streets at all times of day, the most amazing architecture, fantastic shopping, great dining and the brightest lights along broadway. I loved every moment of it! Daniel and I walked 10 to 20 blocks a day till our feet hurt then we'd go for a fab dinner.

We had typical american food i.e burgers and fries at a place called 5 Napkin Burgers, located around Hell's Kitchen. We chanced upon it and saw that it had a good vibe.. little did we know it's one of THE latest burger joints to dine at. The burgers were great but because I was still jet lagged, I could barely finish my food! See how thick the patty is?
On our last day, we had burgers at the renowned Shake Shack. I guess it's famous cos you're getting fairly cheap burgers with patties made of real beef unlike most patties at fast food joints.

We also had Pizza at a famous place in Brooklyn called Grimaldis. We weren't planning to eat there but we walked by it and thought, "why not". It was 11am and there was a queue outside. The restaurant opened at 11.30 sharp and they packed people in very efficiently. It was so fun watching the pizzas being made. A tad salty because of the salami we added, but generally tasty. We c0uld barely finish a 16inch pizza ( the smallest) between 2 of us and watched other people eating the 18 inch. That was scary.
We also had 3 swish meals on this trip - all memorable either for the food, service or company
1. Daniel ( this is the original restaurant by Daniel Boulud. Same chef behind Beijing's Maison Boulud)
The service was impeccable as was the food. We had the 3 course prix-fix ( fixed price menu)I had Duo of Beef for my main course. It was was so tender it melts in your mouth. The staff were very professional, appearing right by your elbow if you so much as frown at the menu. They explained each dish and recommended corresponding wines. When Daniel couldn't decide between desserts, they brought us an extra dessert at no charge! That was so delish. I suspect we got extra dessert also because we mentioned that we were tourists who had to come eat at Daniel after trying out Maison Boulud in Beijing

We met with my US colleagues, Madeline, Ivette and Kathryn for dinner at Bistro Modern was also happens to be owned by Daniel Boulud. The restaurant's most famous dish - Burger with Foie Gras. That's a US$32 burger! I had the pork special which was nice but not as exciting at the burger which my colleague had...

Danny was insistent on eating steak on our last night in NYC. My colleague Madeline recommended BLT.. Man. They serve BIG steaks. Danny and I shared a Porterhouse Steak that's US$82...that piece of steak could feed 4 people! Madeline had a salad while Danny and I slowly polished off the beef and one dessert.
this is the giant steak

so many things so little time

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

So. I've had a brief think about the things I want to see in NYC

1. Dinosaur bones a the Museum of Natural history
2. Egyptian temple at the Met Museum
3. A broadway show
4. 30 Rockefeller Centre ( simply cos I love Liz Lemon)
5. The inside of the statue of liverty ( so the the scene from X-men seem more real... the one with wolverine hanging off the side)
6. Queens ( cos I love Ugly Betty)
7. 5th Avenue ( cos when I was a kid, my mum has this Elizabeth Arden Fragrance - Red Door on 5th Avenue and I used to wonder what was the big deal about this street)
8. Woodbury Common - simply because it's got 220 outlet stores!!!! Talk about shop till you drop..

Things i want to eat:
1. Hotdog
3. Something at Jean George, Nobu, Daniel or a Mario Batali Restuarant...

7 more days to NYC

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Monday, June 7, 2010

7 more days. I just have to live past working this weekend.