I love autumn

Posted by Gingerblossom at 8:46 AM

Thursday, September 23, 2010

and winter... I actually don't mind the cold too much with proper wear.

Before coming to China, I dreaded the cold. Singapore's super powerful air conditioning used to be able to blow me over ( not literally lah) .. It was just so cold, I'd be shivering in the office, in the cinema, at the mall... I felt cold all the time!

The cold no longer bothers me much. These days, I go home and feel pretty comfortable in tank top and shorts in the mall... Amazing...I don't even get goosebumps!

Back to Autumn - I love it because the air's clean, the weather's balmy, the sun is up and its time to take out the quilt... I love using the quilt because the cats love it. The floor gets too cold for them so they love to huddle on the quilt next to our feet. It's quite nice having a foot/ butt warmer sleeping on the bed with you on a cold winter's day!