My very delish Malay meal

Posted by Gingerblossom at 6:23 AM

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dan's colleague's relatives are in town and they whipped up a storm! I got lucky.. Dan brought home leftovers . I had coconut rice, sambal prawns, sambal egg, chicken rendang and my favourite... ikan bilis!!!!!! Simply the best meal I've had for the whole of Nov. I'm still salivating thinking about it!

Random thoughts from watching TV and movies

Posted by Gingerblossom at 8:10 AM

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I watched UP and 2012 over the weekend.  Also caught a documentary about WWII in colour. All brought tears to my eyes and got me thinking...

1. My life with Dan and the 2 cats is an adventure that never ends. I hope I always remember that and not get too caught up clinging on to things that are transient

2. Everyday is an adventure. you don't really have to travel 10,000miles to find it. If I can remember that, I can face the world each day with optimism and enthusiasm. And small things at work can't annoy me. 

3. Is Man really that selfish? Does the concept of self sacrifice for a greater good really exist? Does it really take a calamity to reveal how selfish/ selfless a person is? 

4. What defines humanity? Really. What makes us human or not? Is it art, culture, science, religion? What? Is it compassion?

5. If it's compassion, then what exactly happened in WWII when an entire community was systematically wiped out? What happened to humanity then?  

Watching WWII documentaries always makes me sad  but it's always been quite distant because everything was in black and white, and footage seems to run cartoon speed. I could watch it and still think quite detachedly about it as a historical event that should never have been and should never be ever again. Watching it in colour made me feel absolutely terrible because suddenly, it seems a lot more real. And it made me wonder about what went on in people's minds - both the aggressors and the victims.  It made me wonder why. And for some reason, it's still bugging me 2 days after I watched the program.