Wannabe artist/ ceiling painter

Posted by Gingerblossom at 1:32 AM

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our flat in Singapore was rented out to a family with kids and the unfortunate thing is that kids tend to like drawing on stuff, be it walls, furniture, cushions... we had a cheap side table from ikea which was thus destroyed. I won't even mention the other stuff. This was a cheap untreated pine wood table which I may have gotten for free from ikea.

Since I haven't got anything to do, I decided to paint the table top to hide the childish scrawls. Here it is, my first and only attempt to paint a landscape. This is a view from Santorini, Greece which I vaguely recall. White washed buildings, blue sky and an even bluer sea. It was beautiful. I'm not particularly good at art and I only had 2 colors of paint - blue and white- so the fact this turned out well has made me quite pleased with my DIY efforts. I wonder what else I can paint while hanging out in the corridor waiting for the workmen to retile my toilets....oooo... maybe I can repaint the ceiling myself!! Hmm.. i could even be the next Michaelangelo. Ha ha likely in my dreams!