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Posted by Gingerblossom at 7:26 AM

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Caught up with my ex-colleagues at Nestle today. Meeting old kakis, old bosses was a really quite nice after 2 years. It made me miss the fun days I had at Nestle where the marketing team was really a TEAM. We not only worked together, we played together. I think back nostalgically of the times we stayed back late just to decorate our work areas to reflect the festive seasons, or to "welcome" people back from their annual leave. It created a pretty tight bond between co-workers and it helped that we were all around the same age, same "pattern" as we like to call it in Singapore.

My favourite memory of our decorating session was the night we decided to plaster a colleague's office room with blank lottery tickets ( she's a lottery fanatic) . even the ceiling was plastered! That was truly hilarious!

Another was the time we pooled cash and bought materials for X'mas DIY decor. It started a trend! Our Christmas-y area inspired the sales team to put up their own stuff and created some friendly rivalry between the departments. Of course, with bigger budgets, they managed to get a lot more stuff but I like to think we had more creativity - stretching our budgets and doing loads of DIY.

While sight-seeing in the new office today, I realised that there were so many new faces and the atmosphere felt different. Nothing wrong with different. Just not the same as I remember it. And we all know... memory sometimes erves us false. Things always seem better when you look back on them...