For the sake of beauty...I burnt my face

Posted by Gingerblossom at 7:47 PM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So I went to this derma to check out the little patch on my left cheek. Turns out its a sunspot/ melasma that's turned into a lesion. (That's what I get for being in the sun without sunblock! )Fastest way to rid it is through burning. Yes burning the skin. And that's what I did. It's a treatment termed Sagitron where an electric current is used to burn the problem area, allowing new skin to form. The most painful part of this treatment was the anaesthetic injection onto my cheek. Yes. The docter jabbed my cheek with a needle.

The whole time I was going "ow ow ow ow ow" But seriously, it's not as bad removing a wisdom tooth... Sigh... the things we do for beauty.

After the skin is numbed, the doc started to burn my skin... smelled like a BBQ party. I swear, I'm not going for any bbqs for a while. Not while the memory of the scent of burning skin is still fresh. Yuck. Once done, it's a bit of antiseptic, cream and off I went. I've been instructed to stay out of the sun. Dammit... I like feeling the sun on my face.

For 1 week I'm going to look terrible. I understand that a scab will form soon. It's been 2 days since the burn and no scab yet. Still quite raw so I guess I'll be ugly duckling for a few days more.
See the red patch on my cheek? That's the burn area. Pain!


ginaloh said...

Ouch.tat feels painful to lasik it away. see lah..price to pay for not putting sunscreening in this kinda crazy heat.

Gingerblossom said...

pain and itchy now... i must "ren' cannot scratch